What is BeologiS 5PL, exactly?

Our tasks: BeologiS is here to manage the organization of people, activities, information, and resources involved in the movement of goods from suppliers to consumers. This way, everyone can focus on their specialized tasks, ensuring complete business quality.

Comprehensive logistic services including:

  • Communication and delivery planning with suppliers immediately after the ordering process is completed
  • Organization of international transportation and real-time shipment tracking
  • Provision of documentation and execution of all customs procedures
  • Warehousing services of all types and needs, enabling goods to be released into free (MP) circulation in the territory of Serbia or re-exported to other markets according to the owner’s instructions
  • Distribution to the end customer in accordance with the agreement (seller-buyer), adhering to all defined delivery deadlines and dates.

Managing the supply chain is now a thing of the past! From the first to the last step, the Beologis team ensures that each process runs seamlessly and on time, allowing the client to redirect their valuable time to more quality processes in other business segments.

Differentiating Benefits include:

  • Time savings in direct operational communication with suppliers (eliminating the client as an intermediary, providing more accurate and specific data needed for further supply chain organization)
  • Real-time information about goods, their status, and availability
  • Obtaining all necessary documentation for customs clearance, re-export, and transit processes
  • Consolidation of all information about goods in one place, freeing up logistics capacities for the job orderer
  • Organization and execution of distribution involve full compliance with the requirements of all stakeholders (client/seller and buyer), addressing and overcoming all operational challenges
  • The job orderer has real-time access to information about the percentage of order fulfillment from the supplier in relation to the order, including all necessary data about the goods (quantity, sizes, orders, delivery months, etc.).