The company BeologiS bases its clients’ customs representation services on the constant precision of preparation of accompanying customs documentation, complete communication with customs authorities and speed of finalization of all types/forms of customs processes. 

The company BeologiS has a network of authorized partners at several customs offices of the Republic of Serbia, especially in the territory of the city of Belgrade.

The mixed logistics-customs expert team of the BeologiS company in this field of logistics services has the knowledge and experience to implement all customs-logistics actions that bring all goods on import or export into compliance with legal regulations (of the Republic of Serbia, the EU and all countries in the Balkan region), which follow this field of work.

Our Services

  • Customs brokerage (preparation and processing of documentation, implementation of customs procedure) in:
  1. import and export of goods
  2. reexport of goods (sale of goods under customs control)
  • Partial and successive customs clearance of goods
  • Customs representation (preparation of customs documentation and brokerage in front of customs authorities, preparation of requests and representation in dealings with inspection authorities)
  • Border services, declaration of goods and placement in customs warehouse and customs clearance of goods
  • Brokerage in the preparation of requests for all types of inspections (sanitary, market, veterinary, Phyto pathological)
  • Expert interpretation of all customs and foreign trade regulations and timely notification of changes to clients
  • Obtaining and issuing transport and other documents
  • Conclusion of transport insurance contracts
  • Obtaining transit permits
  • Control and payment of freight, customs and other duties
  • Issuance of forwarding certificates

Why BeologiS?

  • Unique solutions in accordance with the client's needs
  • Local business - global expertise
  • Process efficiency
  • Experienced agents