It is based on the most precise and optimal organization of transport, in accordance with the needs of its clients. The company BeologiS has exclusive deals with renowned transport companies, which provide their services on the territory of the whole Europe, but also beyond, with the use of all organizational mechanisms and procedures to ensure optimal deadlines and costs. With the fact that the company BeologiS primarily takes into account who it hires and for what need, and thus always fully stands behind the work it organizes/performs with immediate i.e., possessed resources.

beologis kamion

The organization and execution of international transport by BeologiS is based on:

  • full vehicle loads (all types of standard or oversized towing vehicles, trucks with and without trailers, vans and pick-up vehicles) with or without temperature mode
  •  and on collective transport of goods, where the focus is on transit time and optimal costs, in addition to everything else that follows the engagement of the specialized logistics team of BeologiS.

The organization and provision of international transport services for the BeologiS company includes all organizational and logistical actions and complete communication with everyone in the chain - according to the execution of the work "key to hand", where the goods are available to our clients for further processing with all the accompanying properly finalized transport and import - export documentation (customs clearance within our customs office or distribution from our commercial warehouse).

Many years of experience and responsible provision of international transport services have strongly connected the company BeologiS with all previous clients and gives it the right to present itself to newly interested potential clients as the right solution for their needs in this field of logistics services.