From makeshift storage to SMALL WAREHOUSES!




A system that enhances productivity in retail and online sales by effectively managing inventory and maximizing storage space.

Practice has shown that there is a growing number of retail-oriented companies that do not need storage partners utilizing expensive warehouse systems. Instead, they immediately transfer their goods to their own facilities after the customs process. This approach burdens the spaces with inventory, but it remains more optimal to keep the goods in their own space, both for speed and cost reasons.

Pre optimisation

Post optimisation

Who is an ideal candidate for SMALL WAREHOUSES?

If you have spaces overcrowded with goods that you can no longer easily find and reach quickly to efficiently serve the customer and ensure satisfaction with the service level, we offer support through the following services:

  • Optimization of warehouse space through the design, procurement, and installation of a new shelving system to maximize space utilization
  • Inventory of goods in the warehouse, packing goods in boxes or directly on shelves
  • Addressing goods in the storage space with the exact location of each item
  • Procurement of devices for quickly locating goods in the warehouse
  • Simple application through which you can independently track the status of goods in the warehouse and conduct partial or complete inventories.

Immediate benefits you gain include:

  • Increased warehouse capacity with shelves that utilize the entire height of the warehouse
  • Organization of goods storage where you know the location of each item at all times, with an unlimited number of locations
  • Availability of each box (item) – avoiding burying goods in the warehouse
  • The fastest path leading you to one or more items for separating goods from the storage space
  • Quick partial or complete inventories
  • Information on whether all goods in the warehouse are displayed in the sales area (available for sale)
  • Optimization and improvement of quality, as well as employee performance control

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